Produced by Jamaal (Key Jay) Ephriam, Project Kingdom XIII (PKXIII) is a music production that takes the brilliant works of Yoko Shimomura and Utada Hikaru from Disney and Square’s Kingdom Hearts, and blends them into a whole new light! While initially conceptualized as a short 3 track project, the project aims to become a full 13 track album with possible bonus material.

With the project featuring new instrumentation, completely original arrangements, new lyrical content, and new orchestration, the project aims to give this beloved soundtrack a new and unique flare unlike any other.

PKXIII is a mix of multiple genres as well ranging from Modern Classical, Future Bass House, Hip-Hop, Rock, and more. The project also features a collaborative effort from new and upcoming artists, and musicians from all around the globe. Best of all, the project is distributed completely free.


Jamaal has been playing Kingdom Heart for years. While first being drawn into the interesting concept and breathtaking title song from Utada Hikaru back in 2002 (we all remember the commercials), Kingdom Hearts became one of those rare games with a deep replayability, interesting gaming mechanics, and a fresh take on the RPG genre. None of that wouldn’t mean anything without the whimsical, addictive, and humable soundtrack that Yoko Shimomura expertly crafted.

Now with the advent of Kingdom Hearts 3 slowly approaching its 2018 release date, Jamaal, filled with new vigour, inspiration and admiration, decided to craft his own homage to an iconic franchise. Having crafted remixes to other popular games in the past (Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Overwatch) , it seemed like an interesting challenge to transform a mostly orchestrated soundtrack in to completely different genres and takes.

As a fan and as a creative, Jamaal feels that PKXIII is a liberating and freeing project; giving the opportunity to be as whirlwind like as he can muster, “It’s a truly freeing experience which allows me to also test my limitations, mindset, and execution, all while improving for other future projects. I’m enjoying the ride and I hope others will as well”.